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In April 2022, Katelyn Hertel and Shwetha Jayaraj participated in a week long hackathon, in which the idea and initial model of WindtelligentAI was born. After that week they had a working algorithm with promising results and have been working tirelessly on bettering their model ever since!



Humans cannot accurately predict wind speeds above 10m (residential height). Current prediction models that include wind speed are based on knowingly flawed modeled data alone and until recently, observed wind data did not exist in a consumable format. Using this newly found observed data it is our mission to create a wind speed prediction model starting at 100m and going up to 5000m in the air.

WindtelligentAI is one of the very first prediction models to predict wind speeds at 100m and above using both observed data and machine learning. 


WindtelligentAI helps in Construction and Infrastructure, Aviation, the Drone industry and most importantly, the Renewable Wind Energy Sector. With an API first SaaS business model, we enable companies to easily integrate our predictions into their workflows.

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